Kaylee's Cleaners
Expertise is not something that is developed overnight, We at Kaylee's have over 30 years of experience in handling and caring for clothing.  The Kaylee's advantage is that we meticulously check each garment for any potential issues before and after cleaning.  We do not process clothing in bulk, we pay close attention to each garment.  We believe that this extra attention to detail will help your clothing look great.
Kaylee's Cleaners  

Laundered Shirts
Professional laundered services are offered for shirts, pants and other laundered items.  We check each shirt for cracked buttons, spots, damage before and after cleaning and touch up each shirt to perfection.  We understand that there is no greater frustration than discovering that a button has gone missing just before work in the morning!

Kaylee's CleanersKaylee's Cleaners

Dry Cleaning Services
We offer expert cleaning for attire for all casual and formal occasions.  We can dry clean all fabrics and textiles including wool, silk, cotton, leather, and synthetics.  Again, Kaylee's is fully committed to carefully inspecting each garment for spots and potential damages before and after a garment is cleaned, while keeping our prices competitive.
Kaylee's Cleaners  
In addition to traditional clothing, we also clean: Leather and suede products (including UGG® boots), Window treatments, Quilts and comforters, and much more!


Our dry cleaning practices are environmentally conscious and exceeds industry compliance standards.  

Tips and Thoughts for Our Dry Cleaning Customers:
  • Always remember to check your pockets!  Kaylee's Cleaners will always attempt to return items back to their original owners, however we have often found items left behind in pockets like pens, money, wedding anniversary gifts like concert tickets(really!), etc
  • Please remember to remove accessories when possible (pins, broaches, collar stays, tie clips, etc).  Again, we will attempt to return these items however they may cause damage to garments if not found.
  • Take note of any cracked or loose buttons.  Kaylee's Cleaners can easily repair or replace these, but it often helps when these are identified prior to dropping off.
  • The safest way to treat stains on delicate fabrics is to not attempt to treat them with over the counter products.  We have found in the past that these work with moderate levels of success, but when they fail, they run the risk of embedding a stain and make the task of removing them more difficult or impossible in some cases.
  • If you notice a moth hole in any of your clothing in your closet, it is imperative that you consider having at the adjacent clothing dry cleaned immediately.  Either discard the damaged item or have it dry cleaned and repaired.  Contrary to popular belief, moth holes are created by larvae and not adult moths.  Dry Cleaning can kill any unseen larvae.  Dry cleaning the adjacent garments can safeguard against further damage.
  • Save and reuse those plastic bags!  When travelling, pack your clothing with the plastic cover on and prevent wrinkles.

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